Metal Roof

Metal roofs make your home durable and energy-efficient.

Florida's weather can be extreme, with intense drying sun and storms that can reach up to 110 mph winds with pounding rains or hail. Are you confident your roof can stand up to Florida's intense heat or hurricane season? Metal roofs give you the strength and durability needed to withstand the harsh Florida weather.

With over 35 years of experience in construction in Florida, the experts at Jerry's Roofing understand the need to protect your property from the elements. Besides the weather-resistant strength of metal roofing, it also lasts almost two times as long as traditional shingles and has energy-efficient coatings to reflect the sun's heat.

Metal roofing features:

  • Fire, spark, hail and wind resistant
  • Complete recyclability
  • Reduced rates on your insurance and taxes
  • Energy efficient and lower A/C costs
  • Design Flexibility
  • Little or no maintenance
Keep in mind, metal roofing requires a specialist. Not every roofing company is experienced in metal roofs.

Contact us to see how a metal roof can lower your bills and protect your home from the harsh weather, with a beauty to last for years to come. To request a free estimate from one of our expert certified roofers call 813/685-8190 today.